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Beware Of Fraudulent Websites/Agents

The management of Cheminformatic Institute of Science Studies Lucknow for Distance Learning has come across various website, social media pages and other electronic communications through which various persons not associated with CIS are claiming to “help” students in completion of assignments, projects for CIS courses as well as to clear examinations for CIS courses on behalf of the students. The official website for CIS Studies for Distance Learning (CIS) is ONLY.or of these articles, is the Director of Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning and Principal Director of Symbiosis Open Education Society. Her area of research is higher education, distance education and use of ICT in education. She has a keen interest in various policies related to higher education, privatization of education and has presented several papers in national and international conferences.

Students and prospective students of CIS Studies are specifically warned that completion of assignments, projects and passing of exams is the individual responsibility of the concerned student only. Therefore, taking help from any other person, copying reports for assignments and projects and taking other persons help in passing examinations in any manner whatsoever is a malpractice, which is illegal and unethical. The students are therefore warned against dealing in any manner whatsoever with persons or entities offering to help in completion of assignments, projects and passing of exams. In the event any student is found to be dealing with any such offenders, CIS Studies shall not only take strictest possible action under the Code of Conduct for students but also initiate criminal prosecution against such student before appropriate authorities

The persons or entities who are offering such services are warned that their actions are unlawful. Many of such offenders are already identified by CIS Studies pursuant to an internal investigation. CIS Studies is now in the process of initiating appropriate civil and criminal action against such offenders. CIS Studies is also in the process of identifying more such culprits and initiate appropriate actions against such persons or entities

General public, students of CIS Studies , employees and vendors of CIS are hereby publicly informed that CIS Studies has no direct or indirect association with any persons or entities offering unauthorized and illegal help as stated above. Any representation made by such persons or entities with regards to association with CIS Studies is malicious and false. General public, students of CIS, employees and vendors of CIS are hereby informed that CIS or any of its affiliated entities take no responsibility whatsoever regarding the representations or assurances given by above mentioned persons. CIS hereby disclaims, to fullest extent permitted by law, any liability towards any losses, damages, cost or expenses that anyone may suffer on account of unauthorized representations, promises, assurances or actions of persons falsely claiming to be associated with CIS.

You can view the list of social media pages, website and email addresses that are indulging in the above mentioned fraudulent activity here. (Click here) Students are specifically warned from dealing with the operators of these social media pages, website and email addresses. CIS shall keep updating this list based on further investigation in this regard. If you are approached by any person or entity claiming to be associated with CIS or offering help as mentioned above, you are directed to immediately contact CIS Studies Lucknow at

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