CIS Studies Lucknow (Industrial Institute)

Diploma Program In Electrical Engineering 2 Years

Aim & Objective of Program:

Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a two-year program where the students are taught about the application of electromagnetism, electronics, and electricity. It is a part of the Engineering field of study. A wide range of topics is taught to the students pursuing a diploma in electrical engineering such as telecommunications; signal processing, control systems, electronics, and power. Today the market is beaming with opportunities for an electrical engineer, as electricity has become an indispensable part of human lives. 

Career Prospective:

● Senior Paint Technologist
● Senior Coating Analyst 
● Production & Development Manager
● QA & QC Inspector
● Senior Supervisor
● Paint & Coating Developer
● Paint Shop Manager

The eligibility for the Advance program is Diploma / ITI / HSC .

  • The duration of the program is 24 months(4 Semester).

Module I: Elements of Electrical Engineering
Module II: Mechanical Engineering Sciences
Module III: Applied Mathematics-I
Module IV: Applied Sciences
Module V: Electrical Circuit Laboratory
Module VI: Electrical Circuits
Module VII: Electronics - I
Module VIII: Applied Mathematics – II
Module IX: Electrical and Electronics Measurement
Module X: Communication and Computer Networks
Module XI: Power Electronics Lab
Module XII: Electricals Machines Lab
Module XIII: Electrical Power Generation
Module XIV: Electrical Installation Design Lab
Module XV: Embedded System Lab
Module XVI: Switchgear and Protection

Fee Details :

Application Form Fees
For Indian Residents: INR 700/-
International / SAARC: US $25

Program Fees
For Indian Residents: INR 22000//-
International / SAARC: US $640

NOTE: Participants are not required to pay exam fees per exam per attempt separately. Exam Fee is a part of program fee

Fee Payment Mode: Fees can be paid online or by Demand draft / Cheque / Google Pay, Institute Account Transfer (IMPS/NEFT)