CIS Studies Lucknow (Industrial Institute)

President's Message

President and Founder, CIS Studies Lucknow

Distance learning is the education of the 21st century. The traditional method of teaching in a classroom called brick and mortar education has failed to reach millions of those who are thirsty for getting knowledge in an age marked by the Knowledge Revolution. Distance Education and Open Learning fulfill this need.

Established CIS Studies Lucknow for Distance Learning (CISDL) to offer different academic programs through distance education. The CIS Studies Lucknow for Distance Learning (CISDL) is a center of excellence offering quality Distance Education. I am sure those who aspire to acquire education at a time and place of their choice will be immensely benefitted and will be qualified to fill posts of their choice with credit and confidence. I wish the Centre success.

S. Kumar
Cheminformatic Institute of Science Studies Lucknow