CIS Studies Lucknow (Industrial Institute)

Student Seva

E-Counseling Centre

The e-communication center answers student queries via email and guarantees a response time of one business day. Multi skilled communication assistants answer student queries effectively and promptly which has resulted in standardization, improved quality of response and better student satisfaction.


Students are given complete information of the program offered and are given proper career guidance with due consideration to areas of interest, qualification, market trends, initial work experience etc.

Counseling is imparted to students via:
  • Come to Institiute for One to one counseling sessions
  • Emails
  • Telephonic
  • Orientation organized at CIS Lucknow Campus

Call Number

CIS has a dedicated Numbers (+91-9554064000 / +91-9559196700 / +91-9935172366) with counselors to give prompt response / guidance and help answering student queries promptly and effectively.