CIS Studies Lucknow (Industrial Institute)

Vision and Mission

Vision :

"Our Vision is to create a Global Campus to provide education and training opportunities beyond the boundaries of a classroom, so as to transform the way people learn."

Mission :

"Our Mission is to provide learners with flexible learning opportunities anywhere, anytime."

Quality Policy:

Through the means of distance education and open learning, CIS Studies Lucknow aims at creating a virtual "World Campus", uniting students from all nationalities, regions, age groups and occupations, opening new directions of opportunities for o b t a i n i n g higher education and enhancing one's career and life. CIS Studies Lucknow is committed to provide quality distance education and dedicated student care services to all its students

CIS Studies Lucknow strives to create an environment of academic excellence and offering programs that are need based and value-added thereby creating opportunities for lifelong learning, personal growth, improving skills and generating . CIS will continue on its mission of creating a self-paced, self- styled learning

CIS aims at evolving by continuously enhancing content, delivery and reach of education in order to work towards overall student satisfaction by implementing innovative technology solutions, creating academic excellence, continuously measuring feedback, creating and reviewing benchmarks and imbibing corporate

CIS also reiterates its commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

(Cheminformatic Institute of Science Studies Lucknow)