Advance Diploma in Paint Manufacturing(ADPM)

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  • The broad objectives are to phase out the manufacture and sale of paints containing lead and eventually to eliminate the risks from such paint. Specific objectives are: (a) To raise the awareness of government authorities and regulators, private industry, manufacturers, consumers, workers, trade unions and health-care providers about the toxicity of lead in paints and the availability of technically superior and safer alternatives; (b) To catalyze the design and implementation of appropriate prevention-based program to reduce and eliminate risks from the use of lead in paint. When processes for phasing-out lead are put in place in installations manufacturing paint, arrangements must be made to ensure a fair transition that protects workers’ health [and employment]; (c) To provide assistance to paint manufacturers that continue to produce and market paints containing lead to enable them to phase out lead from their paints.

Career Prospective:

  • Senior Paint Technologist
  • Senior Coating Analyst 
  • Production & Development Manager
  • QA & QC Inspector
  • Senior Supervisor
  • Paint & Coating Developer
  • Paint Shop Manager

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