Advance Diploma in Coating Inspection & Quality Control (ADQC)

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  • With millions of paint formulations available from various manufactures, and a lots of new and sophisticated techniques of Paint application & Surface preparation, Paint Coatings has become science & Art, and every person, wither he is a user, supervisor, applicator, supplier or manufacturer need a proper knowledge in order to get maximum life out of a particular Paint formulation. Further, Paint testing has become necessary both at the pre- qualification stage , during the application and even after the paint has been applied for periodic assessment of its life. Since a large number of paint suppliers, users, supervisors do not have a formal education on paint Coatings, education and training through these courses has become necessary to take best out of Paint coating.
  • Career Prospective:
  • Senior Paint Technologist
  • Senior Coating Analyst 
  • Production & Development Manager
  • QA & QC Inspector
  • Senior Supervisor
  • Paint & Coating Developer
  • Paint Shop Manager


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